The Launch of Diabetes Awareness

stop-logoThe Launch of Diabetes Health Fair

During the Month of August Blossom Nursing & Rehabilitation has partnership with The American Diabetes Association, welcoming The Launch of Diabetes Awareness here at Blossom North. August 27th, will be our first Annual Diabetes Health Fair and we’re inviting you and your family to join us. There will be a great Educational session on diabetes, Healthy tips, a tour of our rehab department, as well as Raffles and prize giveaways.

Blossom North Nursing & Rehabilitation

1335 Portland Ave

Rochester, NY 14621


August 27th, 2014


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Blossom North Launches Diabetes Awareness

 During the month of August Blossom North Nursing & Rehabilitation has partnership with The American Diabetes Association, welcoming The Launch of Diabetes Awareness here at Blossom North. Throughout the month our staff here will focus on levels of diabetes, Coping with diabetes, and healthy eating.
Total annual cost of diagnosed diabetes is $245 Billion. The American Diabetes Association estimates that $1 in $5 health care dollars is spent caring for someone with diagnosed diabetes. It shows to be a proven fact that seniors have more diabetes than any other age group -25percent of those over the age 60 have diabetes. Seniors with diabetes are also mort likely to have memory problems, depression, and difficultly with diabetes self-care. Older adults with diabetes are also at risk for heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure.
A healthy lifestyle can prevent or delay costly diabetes complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and amputation. Research shows type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by 58% through lifestyle intervention. Losing 7% of body weight and moderate exercise (Brisk Walking) 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, can make a significant difference in lowering one’s risk for developing type 2 diabetes. For more healthy tips visit The American Diabetes Association @
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Veterans Outreach Center receives computers from Blossom North


On July 8, 2014, Blossom North and the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester, NY came together to help local Veterans. The nursing home, located at 1335 Portland Avenue, donated a number of computer monitors, towers, keyboards, and printers to the organization which will be given to Veterans in the community.


Earlier this year, the nursing and rehabilitation center upgraded its computer equipment to coincide with the implementation of electronic medical records. As a result, Blossom North was left with extra computer equipment, still in excellent condition. Rather than throw out the functioning computers, the facility wanted to give back to the community, especially our Veterans, and contacted the center.


The Veterans Outreach Center helps Veterans in Rochester with housing, temporary financial assistance, employment and job training, education, and much more. You can learn more about their organization and their services by visiting

If you are interested in donating computers or other equipment, please contact the Veterans Outreach Center. All equipment must be in working condition.

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Residents do summer shopping at Blossom North

On Monday, June 30, 2014, residents at Blossom North Nursing and Rehabilitation Center spent most of the day shopping for new clothing for the summer season right in their own building.


From 10 am through 3 pm, Fashion on Wheels set up shop on the second floor of the nursing home to allow residents to browse through their merchandise. Residents had access to the basic essentials along with brand new pants, shirts, dresses, pajamas, and jackets. Accessories such as fashionable handbags and hats were also available.


The event, which takes place approximately every six months at Blossom North, is one that the residents look forward to. Whether they are here for short term rehabilitation or long term nursing care, they enjoy any opportunity to exercise their independence and perform tasks that they were able to do when they were home, like clothes shopping. By bringing Fashion on Wheels into the facility, residents can shop on their own or with the help of a Blossom North staff member.


With a large summer selection available, residents enjoyed the opportunity to add to their summer wardrobe. We look forward to having Fashion on Wheels back this winter.


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Blossom North Residents have a green thumb

Blossom North residents were able to enjoy the warm weather yesterday during a gardening activity which took place on the nursing home’s patio.DSCN1104

Residents were given flowers to plant and care for this month and they’re doing a wonderful job.  Each Thursday at 2pm, residents check on the progress of their flowers DSCN1103and share stories of gardens they have taken care of in the past.  One residents in particular, Nate gets a lot of enjoyment out of this activity as he been gardening for years before he came to Blossom North.  In past years he has even planted and cared for a vegetable garden right on the nursing home’s patio.

With all this lovely weather and the careful attention residents are paying to their flowers, we’re sure the plants will continue to grow and Blossom.DSCN1105

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Blossom North celebrates June Birthdays

On June 26, the staff at Blossom North Nursing and Rehabilitation Center threw a specialDSCN1114 Birthday party for all residents whose birthday fell within the month of June.

With seven residents celebrating this month including Catherine Crum who turned 101 years old at the beginning of June, many residents made sure to attend the party.  A local musician provided music by playing the violin and encouraged residents to sing along to their favorite songs. Of course, one of the highlights of the event was the delicious birthday cake provided by Blossom North’s own Dietary Department.

On behalf of the staff at Blossom North, we would like to wish all our residents with JuneDSCN1110 birthdays a very happy birthday and many more years of health and happiness.

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New therapy gym opens at Blossom North

On Friday, June 13, 2014, the Blossom North Nursing and Rehabilitation Center opened a brand new therapy gym for the rehabilitation unit, much to the delight of staff and residents alike.

PT Room 7

Prior to the opening of the new gym, the nursing home provided two smaller gyms on two separate floors. Residents received physical therapy on the first floor and received occupational therapy and speech therapy on the second floor. Now, all therapy services are available on one unit in an easily accessible room that does not require the use of the facility’s elevators.

“It’s been very exciting,” said physical therapist Pam Dulan. “Residents want to be in here where they didn’t before.”

Having all three therapy services conveniently located on the rehabilitation unit with more space than ever before allows the Blossom North therapy team to help more residents at the same time and encourages more interaction between residents.PT Room4

“The other day we had two residents cheering each other on,” said Dulan. Other physical therapists have also commented on the increased moral and participation of the residents as the gym is easier to get to. Residents who used to struggle to get to their therapy appointments are now able to wheel themselves down the hallway with little to no trouble. The room also allows for more natural light to permeate the room and makes the gym a more cheerful place.

If you are interested in taking a tour of our new therapy gym, along with the rest of the Blossom North nursing home, e-mail Sharyn or call (585) 544-4000 to schedule a tour.

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